Library Media Center - LMC

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Library Media Center

A school library or library media center is a library within a school where students, staff, and parents have access to a variety of resources. These resources include books and reading materials, information, and information technology. The LMC serves as the center and coordinating agency for informational material used in the school.

When the library media program is fully integrated into the instructional program, students, teachers and media staff become partners in learning. The library program is an extension of the classroom. Information skills are taught and learned within the context of the classroom curriculum. The wide range of resources, technologies, and services needed to meet student learning and information needs are readily available in an effective manner.
The library media center philosophy has inspired the Orchard staff to adopt a semi-open or flex schedule. Intermediate classes are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis to allow open times or times that specific classes are not scheduled. This enables teachers to reserve the media center several times in a week, over several weeks if desired, to use the informational resources to complete a project.
As part of the Orchard School community, you are always welcome to visit the LMC and use the resources available.