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Orchard School is registered with the SHARES program at FoodMaxx.  Please register with the SHARES program to help Orchard School earn money to support the annual outdoor education program at Nature Bridge for our sixth graders.  Thanks!

Monitoring Social Media

Many students are using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.  Students cannot access these sites at school, as they are blocked by the district.  Inappropriate usage at home has caused problems at school.  Social media sites have age limits, and most of the students at Orchard School are not old enough to be using them.  Families must monitor this usage at home.

Common Sense Media

You can get all kinds of advice and helpful tips from the Common Sense Media website.

Common-Sense-Media-Logo.jpg is a free way to search the internet and raise funds for Orchard School with every search you do online!

You can sign up at

Enter Orchard School, and make sure you choose our site, which is located in Rio Linda, CA.

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