Report Cards

Report Cards

Report cards should help families understand their child's growth and progress in school.  The current report contains information which  is important to understanding student progress throughout the academic year.  It is our goal to best present information about your child's growth and progress toward standards to you through the report card and during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  If you have specific comments, questions, and/or concerns, please contact your child's teacher.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thank you for taking the time to meet with your child's teacher for conferences.  It is very important for all of us to work together, so every child can achieve as much success as possible.  Please continue to communicate with your child's teacher throughout the year.  This is critical to your child's achievement!  Formal conferences will be held with all families in November.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be sent home three times per year.  They will provide you with a snapshot of how your child is doing halfway through each trimester.  You should review this report and discuss it with your child.  The report must be signed and returned to school.  Contact your child's teacher, if you have any questions about your child in general, or about a specific report.  Communication is key to success in school.